For Sale: Great Trucks at a Great Price

We have 2 great trucks for sale The trucks are identical 2011 Volvo Day Cab Semi Trucks with ISX 500 hp Cummings engines with a 10 speed transmissions.  One truck has 576k miles and the other has 585k miles.We are asking $47,500 each. 

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Budgeting Tips For Starting Businesses

 Are you looking to start a business?  Starting a business can be extremely difficult but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.  Knowing that you created something from scratch and that you are your own boss is amazing.  One of the most asked questions when it comes to starting a business though is: “How do I budget?”  Here are some of the ways you can bud

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A state of good budgeters: Minnesota ranks high for ‘financial well-being’

We are always interested in hearing about how Minnesota compares nationally with the things relating to the financial community in general. This is terrific snapshot of our great state from a budgeting perspective. Healthy finances equals healthy living, according to a national survey, and Minnesota households are among the most thriving in the country.Minnesota came in sixth in the Gallup H

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