5 Benefits of Joining Industry Associations

Team Work
Joining an industry association can be extremely beneficial for working professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge, network, and have access to the latest information in their field of work. It’s true that membership fees can be on the pricey side, but most often people find that the benefits they receive from an association far outweigh the costs.Here are the top 5 benefits of

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In the News: Spencer Thomas and Brunswick Bowling

KLC brunswick
Here is an except from an interview with KLC Executive Vice President Spencer Thomas about the importance of finding a lender that will act like a partner.Click here to view the full articleKLC Financial is a Brunswick-recommended lender providing equipment purchase and lease financing for modernization projects. KLC executive vice president Spencer Thomas recommends that proprietors look

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Lies People Hear About Bank Equipment Financing

When it comes to getting the equipment needed for your business, you have to think strategically in order to do what is best for the financial future of your company.  Though many business owners would love to have the funds on hand to pay cash for the equipment they need, this is not a reality for most businesses. The purchasing of equipment is a major investment. Yet, it is also the lifeblood o

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