5 Reasons to Set Up a Vendor Finance Program

Vendor Finance Program
If you are in the business of selling machinery, large equipment, or expensive technologies to businesses, you know that conducting an all-cash transaction is a tough sell. Not only businesses have limited capital available to invest in equipment or technology, many of them do not want to go through the lengthy procedures of applying for a bank loan. That’s where vendor finance programs come in.

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Marc Keepman Speaks on Equipment Leasing During CVN Webinar

Equipment Leasing Graph
Marc Keepman, Chairman and CEO, Spencer Thomas, President, and Jena Morgan, Marketing and Portfolio Manager of KLC Financial, participated in a fantastic webinar hosted by the Community Venture Network (CVN) earlier this week.There was a great turn out of CVN members for the BR&E webinar. Marc Keepman led part of the webinar and shared his experience and knowledge of the equipment leas

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