A state of good budgeters: Minnesota ranks high for ‘financial well-being’

POSTED: October 13, 2015 // BY: klc
Minnesota - KLC Financial

We are always interested in hearing about how Minnesota compares nationally with the things relating to the financial community in general. This is terrific snapshot of our great state from a budgeting perspective.

Healthy finances equals healthy living, according to a national survey, and Minnesota households are among the most thriving in the country.

Minnesota came in sixth in the Gallup Heathways “Financial Well-Being Rankings” for 2014 – it looks at how happy people are with their finances and if can afford everything they need.
Based on responses to more than 170,000 phone interviews carried out across the country last year, Minnesota scored high in all five categories: residents’ ability to buy food, pay for healthcare, have money to “do everything they want to do,” how much they worry about money, and how satisfied they are with their standard of living compared to their friends.

According to the results, Minnesotans are least concerned about having enough money to pay for food – with the state ranking second in that category. They also worry less about money compared to all but those living in Alaska and North Dakota.

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