Benefits of Joining an Association

POSTED: July 20, 2019 // BY: Lindsey Gunstad
Benefits of Joining an Association

What are the benefits of joining an association?  An association, simply put, is a group of people banded together for a specific purpose. Associations form for a large variety of reasons and can be very beneficial, both as an individual and for your organization. 

At KLC, we understand the importance of involvement with associations. We are involved in several, two of which are the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA), and the Risk Management Association (RMA). 

National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) is an equipment finance and leasing industry trade association that brings together finance companies nation-wide to talk about and learn best practices from customer service to accounting. KLC’s Chairman and CEO, Marc Keepman, is the current president of the organization. He brings decades of industry expertise to other like organizations. Sharing and learning from other organizations like yourself is one of the major benefits of being a member of your industry’s trade association.

Risk Management Association (RMA) is a banking trade association. Because of our referral partners’ involvement with this association, it is important that we show our support. we want to show that we support their business and industry by contributing our time and money. 

Read on to learn more benefits of joining an association. 


One of the most important aspects of associations is providing opportunities for networking. Connect with people in your field and make new relationships. Share information and learn from other members. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with people you may not otherwise be able to.  

Education, Training and Certifications

Associations often provide valuable educational opportunities for their members. This can include industry-specific training, classes, and important industry-specific certifications. These are great ways to keep your current skill set up-to-date and expand your knowledge into different areas. 

Career Opportunities

Many associations provide some sort of job search platform, mentor/mentee opportunities, and more. Additionally, involvement with an association is also a resume-booster, for new graduates and established professionals alike. By taking advantage of the educational and networking opportunities, you widen the pool of people you can reach out to if you’re in the market for a new job.  

Exclusive Discounts

Membership in an association can provide a number of exclusive discounts and benefits. Depending on the association, members may receive discounts on publications, hotels and restaurants, goods and services, events, and even health insurance. 

Strength in Numbers

Being part of an association affords you access to things you normally wouldn’t otherwise have on your own. 

  • Depending on your field, you may be able to tap into the association’s political clout and resources. 
  • You may not have the resources to sponsor certain community activities on your own, but you can play a role as part of an association.
  • A large group can have a large impact while volunteering or donating to a worthy cause. 


Remember, the benefits of joining an association are directly related to what you put in. Get involved. Seek out relationships and networking opportunities. Find ways to give back. Chances are, you will reap the benefits of what an association can offer. 


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