Break Ground Today by Leasing Construction Equipment

POSTED: December 13, 2017 // BY: Debbie Waldron
Break Ground Today by Leasing Construction Equipment

The construction industry in the United States has been experiencing a ten year boom. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that non-residential construction has risen by 4.3% just since September of 2016. New buildings are going up all over our country, and the demand for new construction is nearly outpacing the ability of companies to keep up. All over the United States, companies are scrambling for cranes, dump trucks, loaders, dozers, and skid steers to keep up with the demands of the work.

KLC Financial can help you to get all of the equipment you need for your next big construction job without the hassle of begging the bank for a loan. Whether you need $500,000 or $5,000,000, we can get you affordable monthly terms that work with your budget so you can start to break ground right away. An Equipment Lease can get you 100% financing, with no down payment, to let you keep your working capital and access to credit lines to continue to grow your business.

Large construction vehicles and equipment can be prohibitively expensive. Our Equipment leasing terms can help you to acquire the most powerful, state-of-the-art equipment for your large scale construction job with affordable monthly payments. Equipment leasing can also help you to upgrade old, worn, or obsolete equipment with new and better tools and vehicles. We can create financing terms that allow you to claim both your payments and the depreciation on the equipment for your taxes. If you are on a job where you will only need the equipment for a limited amount of time, we can create shorter lease terms where you do not have to claim ownership afterwards so that you won’t have to find yard space for unneeded vehicles and equipment.

Your company builds the cities in which we live; the buildings, roads, and infrastructure that powers every other aspect of our lives. With the economic boom that our country has been experiencing for the past decade, the demand for more buildings, roads, and infrastructure is testing the industry’s capacity to keep up. A KLC construction lease can help to grow your company’s capacity, so you can claim a larger share of the on-going boom.

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