Breaking Down the Different Types of Business Financing in MN

POSTED: May 2, 2016 // BY: klc
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Whether starting a new business or trying to make improvements to an existing venture, there is frequently a need for greater cash flow. Companies both big and small need to be constantly looking at their finances to make sure they are on track or to check if there are tweaks that should be made.  When talking about business financing, there are essentially two categories: debt financing and equity financing. Having a breakdown of these two types will give you more clarity when you are looking for help from a financing business in MN.

Debt Financing

Most business have debt.  This could be from purchasing equipment, buying real estate or even start-up debt.  When building a business, there can be many different ways in which you get the money you need to do your work.  This may even come from a variety of sources.  When you have loans out from different companies, it feels like you are continually getting bills and it never stops.  Your interest rate could be high or maybe you can’t even keep up with making the high monthly cost of the loans.  To make matters a bit easier, you can use a financing business in MN to come alongside your company to consolidate your loans or do what is called debt financing.  This is where your loans are transferred to one central loan.  This gives you just one loan (possibly with a lower interest payment) to pay every month which give you only one bill to help you pay off debt each month.

Equity Financing

This type of financing is also known as equity capital.  This is money that a company raises in exchange for ownership of a share in the business.  This is the gaining of investors in your company that may chip in their dollars as a long-term investment without expecting to see an immediate return.  Equity financing is a great way to make sure that you have more cash on hand in order to expand your business ventures.  Your investors could be from individual people to financing businesses in MN.

No matter which financing option you decide is best for your company, there are financing institutions that are available to help you make the right decision and provide creative solutions to help your business to thrive.

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