Business and the communities they serve

POSTED: December 21, 2015 // BY: klc
Business and the communities they serve

Corporate Responsibility Defined

Corporate responsibility, in its simplest terms, can be defined as a business’s ethics.

Every company adopts its own set of values and principles that ultimately affect its stakeholders including employees, communities, consumers, investors, and anyone else who engages in some way with that company. Here at KLC, we believe in consistently practicing transparency, honesty, integrity, and ethical principles.  In today’s world, the public has become more aware of global matters which is why you see more and more groups expressing an interest in how both the environment and people are being treated.  Because of this, corporations are being held accountable by both the government and the public.

Companies must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their operation and country. This includes how a company produces and markets their goods and services as well as safety and health, employee treatment, human rights, and environmental practices. All of the above practices are often integrated through management policies into business operations.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility refers to the initiatives a company engages in to protect and aid both the environment and the community. While the exact definition of corporate social responsibility varies from corporation to corporation, they share a common thread in that companies make a conscious decision to manage their business processes in such a way that they positively impact society, the environment, and the world.


There are a number of ways corporations can give back to the community both locally and nationally. A few examples include donating money or time to charities or community programs, using fair trade ingredients, contributing to education, and offering grants and scholarships.


Both large and small companies can be detrimental to the environment. Many businesses are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint such as using renewable resources, using energy efficient products, or minimizing gas emissions.

KLC recently participated in the “Souper Sleep Out Cook Off” benefit held by Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners.

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