Hone In On Your Craft With Creative Woodworking Finance Options

POSTED: June 15, 2018 // BY: klc
Hone In On Your Craft With Creative Woodworking Finance Options

North America is the largest producer of lumber and timber for use in wood products manufacturing in the world. Combined, the United States and Canada have more than 3.5 million square miles of forests that produce the most lumber anywhere. Together, we are the largest provider of both hard and soft woods to manufacturers around the world. Lumber is processed by sawmills, millworks, and treating plants for use in various woodworking industries. Whether sawing and planning for boards, plywood, timbers, and hardboards for construction purposes, production of paper and cardboard products, office or home furnishings, architectural woodworking, fixtures, cabinets, doors, windows or flooring products, they are all made here. We provide the wood for uses around the world.

Woodworking has reached far beyond the realms of the small town craftsmen with his handsaws and awls scratching out table legs and rocking chairs. Woodworking is now conducted at an industrial level with massive sawing, milling, and fabrication processes that provides for a whole world of construction, paper, and furnishing needs.

The massive machines that can chew up lumber and spit out finished products ready to be shipped around the world are not cheap. Trying to upgrade your equipment by yourself can eat up all of your working capital leaving you vulnerable to changes or accidents. Traditional business loans can take weeks or even months to process and use up all of your credit lines, preventing their use for further growth opportunities. An equipment lease from KLC Financial can provide you with 100% financing to upgrade your woodworking equipment with no down payment, leaving you with all of your working capital and available credit to continue to grow your business.

With 129 years of combined experience in the industry, KLC financial can find you just the right lease that works with your business and your budget. We can help you update old equipment or get new equipment to supercharge your business without breaking your budget. Let KLC Financial build you a better way to construct your new business process.

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