In the News: Spencer Thomas and Brunswick Bowling

POSTED: April 13, 2016 // BY: klc

Here is an except from an interview with KLC Executive Vice President Spencer Thomas about the importance of finding a lender that will act like a partner.

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KLC Financial is a Brunswick-recommended lender providing equipment purchase and lease financing for modernization projects. KLC executive vice president Spencer Thomas recommends that proprietors look for a lender who will act as a partner.

“Things happen—floods, roof issues, construction that blocks access to a center,” said Thomas. “It’s important to choose a lender that can be adaptable, whether circumstances get in the way of cash flow, or there’s an opportunity to upgrade or expand.”

KLC generally controls the entire transaction in-house, from application processing through providing funding and collecting payments, which allows for flexibility in working with its borrowers.

KLC offers lower fees and more flexible qualification requirements than some typical lending programs. KLC’s Brunswick programs allow qualified proprietors to make half the normal payment for the first 12 months, giving them time to get new equipment up and running. Lease financing for qualified proprietors provides unique tax advantages, requires no money down, and uses the equipment itself as the required collateral. Thomas echoes Tom Burke and Jon Tang’s view of Brunswick as an invaluable resource and business partner.

“Brunswick is the only bowling equipment manufacturer we work with, because we think so highly of their product and their proprietor support,” said Thomas. “If Brunswick is supporting a proprietor, it’s easier for us to approve a loan request, because we know that Brunswick helps make proprietors successful.”

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