KLC at the 2018 MN Paint and Powder Coating Expo

POSTED: June 27, 2018 // BY: klc
KLC at the 2018 MN Paint and Powder Coating Expo

KLC Financial along with a host of informative presenters and leaders in the paint and powder coating industry will be at the 2018 Minnesota Paint and Powder Coating Expo. The expo and preceding symposium will be held at the Century College East Campus in White Bear Lake, MN. Various topics and specialties relating to manufacturing and painting and powder coating will be discussed and taught. This is an exciting and interactive event that KLC is excited to be a part of.

Wednesday Symposium: The Industrial Internet of Things

The Wednesday symposium will highlight the present and future of manufacturing in the information age. Topics of discussion will revolve around communications software and how our technology and manufacturing are intimately intertwined and constantly evolving. There will be an opportunity to attend a painter training to learn the fundamentals of spray application as well as best practice for spray optimization.

Thursday Expo and Vendor Show: Paint and Powder Coating

On Thursday, various business leaders will share knowledge and expertise regarding painting and powder coating. Pretreatment, equipment, and materials will be the primary topics of discussion and will be followed by a vendor show and lunch. As a highlight of the event, a virtual reality spray demonstrating session will take place.

Attendees will learn, experience, and engage with painting and powder coating in a unique and educational setting. This will serve to enhance productivity and technique as they’re able to implement what they learn into business structures and practices.

KLC Financial and the MN Paint and Powder Coating Expo

KLC Financial is proud to participate in this event as we seek to finance businesses and help companies to flourish. Come and see us at this interactive and informative event on March 14th and 15th. We look forward to visiting with you there!

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