KLC Financial Is Committed To Leasing & Financing Excellence

KLC Financial Is Committed To Leasing & Financing Excellence

KLC Financial, founded in 1987, is built upon strong, established relationships with our customers, bank, and vendor partners. Our mission is to bring advantageous equipment finance solutions to our clients with integrity, depth of knowledge, and speed. To achieve this goal, our experienced staff continue to grow with the fast-paced finance industry through education and a commitment to exemplary business standards.

Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP)

One of the ways our knowledgeable staff at KLC continues to develop their skills is by obtaining the Certified Lease & Finance Professional designation. Equipment leasing and financing professionals worldwide seek this distinguished credential that is earned through continuing education, testing knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to their industry and business practices.

Many leasing and financing companies throughout the United States have two or three staff members with this designation. KLC Financial currently has nine highly-skilled team members that are Certified Lease & Finance Professionals. This certification allows our staff to acquire a superior level of professionalism and the opportunity to continuously expand and update their knowledge of policies, practices, and procedures. Individuals who hold the CLFP designation are held to high ethical standards and encourage trust and respect in the equipment leasing and financing industry.

Our current team members that hold the CLFP designation are: Marc Keepman (Chairman and CEO), Spencer Thomas (President), Shannon Smith (Vice President), Patrick Swanson (Business Development), Jared Keepman (Business Development), Kevin Kelly (Controller and Treasurer), Lesley Thomas Farmer (Business Development), Allen Glynn (Business Development), and Sarah Kelly (Lease Administrator).

Discover Flexible Financing Solutions With KLC

If your business doesn’t fit the typical finance or bank model, KLC Financial could be your solution. We are committed to providing companies large and small with creative, custom equipment leasing and financing solutions. If you’re ready to grow your business and are seeking to build a lasting relationship with a company committed to leasing and financing excellence, contact the experts at KLC Financial!

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