Millennials in the Workplace and why it Matters For Your Business

POSTED: June 27, 2016 // BY: klc

There is a new person in the office, and they go by Millennial.

These Millennial adults, individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, are taking over the workplace and bringing a whole new outlook to the business world. Millennials are not only changing the way we look at the office environment and the relationship between employers and employees, they are quickly becoming the most influential people in the market. Why does this matter for your business? According to Forbes, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030.

The question is, what motivates and inspires Millennials in the workplace?

They Want to Work For a Purpose

Millennials want to feel like they are making a difference in the world. Regardless of whether they are working as a barista at the local coffee shop or sitting behind a desk typing away at the computer, they want to know they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

They Want Opportunities to Grow

Many Millennials start off in entry-level positions or in unpaid internships, and they want the opportunity to move up the totem pole, and they want to move up fast. Make it a point to offer Millennials challenging work and set a clear path for growth. Promotions, even small ones, are a strong motivator, and take an interest in their success, they are more likely to stick around if they feel valued and can see a bright future with a company.

They Want Flexibility

Millennials value balance and freedom. They want a fulfilling job, but they also want to have a life outside of work. The Millennial generation as a whole has an entrepreneurial spirit, and they want to feel like they have some control over their work and their life. Offer flexible hours, make working from a home an option, or create an environment focused solely on results, not mandatory schedules and meetings.

They Want to Work As a Team

Millennials thrive on communication, teamwork, and social interaction. They want an open atmosphere where they can be creative and problem solve with coworkers. This generation is able to work in a diverse environment and they believe that they can achieve more and do more as a group rather than as individuals.

They Want Feedback, Praise, and Respect

The majority of Millennials grew up in a world where everyone was a winner. This doesn’t mean Millennials are lazy or shy away from a challenge, but they do like to know they are doing a good job and the hard work they put in is being noticed. Well explained feedback, praise, and recognition go a long way. In addition, Millennials want the same respect as older generations in the workplace. They want the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas and to know that their contributions are valued.

For this collaborative, creative, tech-savvy generation, work culture matters. They want to form relationships, be led instead of managed, and overall, they want to know that the work they are doing is making a positive impact on the world.

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