Office Equipment Leasing: Jump Ahead Of The Competition

POSTED: May 15, 2018 // BY: Debbie Waldron
Office Equipment Leasing: Jump Ahead Of The Competition

Ten years of repeatedly good economic news has left a lot of businesses with some very good problems to try and solve. How best to expand their offices or open new branches to accommodate all of the work coming their way? Purchasing computers, phone systems, or the latest software upgrades with the newest capacities can strip you of all of your working capital and max out your lines of credit. This can result in years of dangerous susceptibility to fluctuations in the industry and the inability to react to opportunities that occur in the market. KLC Financial can offer you a better way: Office Equipment Leasing.

Leasing your office equipment allows you to extend or expand your office, upgrade your computers or software, install a whole new phone system, or even build a brand new data center. Whether you need $500,000 or $5,000,000, KLC Financial can help you make your expansion possible while still leaving you with all of your working capital and available credit lines for your continued use.

KLC Financial can work out leasing terms that allow you to upgrade, expand or extend your offices with a monthly fee that allows you to claim both the payments and the depreciation on your taxes. We can also work out shorter term leases for equipment that you need to replace or upgrade often like computers and software systems. This means that when it comes time for the next big thing for your business you won’t be stuck with storerooms filled with old hardware that you can no longer use or even move.

At KLC Financial, we can work out an office equipment lease to grow your business with terms that work for your budget in the time that it would take for the bank just to find the paperwork to start the process. We can even offer you options with no down payment, so that we will help you with 100% financing for your office equipment without eating up all of your operating capital.

There are opportunities aplenty out there. Let us help you to build and grow your office to take advantage of it all. Contact KLC Financial and ask about an Office Equipment Lease for your next office extension or expansion.

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