doctor-563429_640Dental – Are you starting up, growing or acquiring a dental practice? The team at KLC Financial is your one stop shop to assist your financing needs.

Note: We work with single dental practices as well as dental surgery.

  • Example – Dental Practice: Leased a new dental laser for $68,000 to a 5 year old, suburban neighborhood dental practice. They needed to updated their equipment to keep up with advancing technology. Now that they have a lease, they can easily upgrade again with ease.
  • Example – Dental Technology Company: They provide advance & specialized technology services to dental practices, nationally. Financed a lease line for software and hardware for $400,000 over a 1.5 year time frame.
  • Example – Dental Practice: The practiced need a cash injection into the business to improve and increase marketing efforts in a competitive environment. KLC Financial was able to get them cash out of their existing equipment to support their business growth.


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