cheese-21824_640Manufacturing continues to evolve from a labor-intensive sector to capital-intensive with improving efficiency in technology.

Companies must operate equipment on the cutting edge in order to boost margins and maintain a competitive advantage. Financing equipment allows manufacturers to effectively match equipment expenses to revenues generated from the use of those assets. KLC Financial can structure equipment funding for both acquisitions and refinancing that can allow companies to effectively manage cash flows, leverage and tax liability.

  • Example – An Academics Company: Venture capital funded, growth stage education company: $900,000. Provided a lease line of credit to finance company expansion into new locations. Leased assets included furniture, technology and build out.
  • Example – A Coiling, Cutting, Crimping and Skiving Manufacturer: the company has a solid track record for 22 years and wanted to upgrade a piece of equipment. KLC provided an equipment lease for a new milling machine $32,900.
  • Example – Aerospace Machining Company: the company had an unexpected federal tax obligation. KLC provided cash-out from their existing equipment to pay the $45,000 owed to the IRS before it became a lien.

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