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As businesses grow and thrive they frequently look to expand. At KLC we provide the capital needed to lease office equipment, move into another building, obtain machinery, or any number of other things that you need to continue to grow upward and outward.However, established businesses aren't the only ones we can help. We also offer creative solutions for startups and young businesses as wel

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Millennials in the Workplace and why it Matters For Your Business

There is a new person in the office, and they go by Millennial.These Millennial adults, individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, are taking over the workplace and bringing a whole new outlook to the business world. Millennials are not only changing the way we look at the office environment and the relationship between employers and employees, they are quickly becoming the most influential p

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Top 10 equipment acquisition trends for 2016

Equipment acquisition is critical in driving the supply chains across all U.S. manufacturing and service sectors. To assist businesses in planning their equipment acquisition strategies, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association distilled recent research data to provide our best insight for the Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2016.Click here to visit websiteBy RALPH PETTA, ELF

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