What We Do

At KLC Financial, we offer equipment financing to a wide range of industries, nationwide.

We know each industry and each business has unique needs. We have the flexibility and structure to meet your specific financing needs and goals.


  • Equipment Leasing

  • Equipment Financing

  • Debt Restructuring

  • Vendor Programs

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Why Lease or Finance Equipment?

Conserve Your Working Capital

  • 100% financing options so you avoid tying up your cash in equipment making it available for operations and unforeseen expenses

  • Financing options based solely on the equipment purchase while keeping other assets free-and-clear

  • Off-balance sheet options as to not affect borrowing limits at your bank

Improve Your Cash Flow

  • Flexible payment schedule with options for seasonal and deferred payments

  • Flexible term and amortization to meet your cash flow needs

  • Options for Sale Leaseback to unlock valuable cash from the equity in your current equipment

Tax Benefits*

  • Deduct 100% of the rental payments from your expenses

  • Take advantage of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation on your taxes for true cash savings *Please consult with your tax advisor for specifics

Avoid Obsolescence

  • Keep up with the fast-changing technology by easily upgrading or getting additional equipment to meet your customer’s needs

  • Simply add new software at anytime

Get a Total Systems Solution

  • All equipment, software, installation, training, maintenance and other services can be packaged into a lease at 100%



Sell More Equipment


Have Your Own Individual Agent


Fast and Easy


Add More Value to Each Customer


Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction

We Get It Done

Our expert staff takes pride in building solid, long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners.

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