Equipment Leasing

If your business is considering or in the process of purchasing new equipment or software; do yourself a favor and consider leasing. Many business leaders are opting to lease their capital equipment over owning because it gives them more flexibility while keeping payments lower. KLC Financial can offer you fast, easy, and competitive leasing options to help find what is best for you.

Why Lease

Often times a business devalues leasing options and think the only real solution is to pay cash, or finance their equipment to own it out right down the road.
If your capital equipment is going to be used to help you conduct your ongoing, day-to-day business, it is likely considered an operating expense, and if so, leasing that equipment will often times be more advantageous than owning.

When you lease, you have the flexibility to:

  • Receive Equipment Immediately: Use the assets to help you grow your business and use the additional revenue to pay off the debt.
  • Low to No Down Payment: Use your capital to invest in other areas of your business.
  • Quick & Easy: For lease amounts under $500,000 all you need to do is fill out an application, and you can be approved within 2 days.
  • Stay on top of industry trends: As features and technology improves you are free to upgrade your equipment/software at anytime
  • Lower Monthly Payments: Free up your capital for other investments.
  • Flexible Terms:
    • Purchase the equipment at the end of the payment term
    • Extend the lease
    • Return the equipment
    • Trade in the equipment for new upgraded equipment

Lease Application Process

KLC makes the leasing process easy and seamless. Once you have chosen your equipment and are ready to move forward with your lease agreement, we will walk you through a few quick and simple steps and get your money.

Here is our typical process:

  1. Fill out the Application: Fill out this quick online application (you are under no obligation).
  2. Speak with a Sales Representative: One of our highly qualified specialists will review and get you a competitive option often within a day or two.
  3. Receive your credit approval: Qualified applicants can receive credit approval on deals up to $500,000 in as little as 2 days.
  4. Sign the lease agreement.
  5. Receive the equipment.
  6. Have access to a full-time dedicated representative ready to help you with any questions.

Types of Lease Options

KLC offers a wide variety of lease options to best meet your needs. These are a few of our most common structured leases, but talk to one of our Sales Representatives to see what type of lease is best suited for your business needs.


This lease is referred to as a non-tax lease, whereby, the lessee can acquire use of an asset for most of its useful life.


  • Up to 100% financing
  • Similar to a purchase agreement – loan financing
  • Various purchase options at the end of the lease agreement

Operating Leases

This lease is referred to as a non-tax lease, whereby, the lessee can acquire use of an asset for most of its useful life.


  • Various payment structures available
  • Stays off your balance sheet

Municipal Leases

This lease is basically a conditional sales contract disguised in the form of a lease which is only available to municipalities.


  • 100% financing
  • $1.00 buyout

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