Family Entertainment Flexible Financing Solutions: Expand The Fun

POSTED: January 13, 2018 // BY: klc
Family Entertainment Flexible Financing Solutions: Expand The Fun

Family Entertainment Centers are experiencing a bold, new period in their history. Long gone are the days of mosquito plagued nights at the drive in, soggy pizza and bland soda, bad video games, dismissive employees and creepy animatronic animal jug bands. Today, Family Entertainment Centers combine sports, games, rides, electronics, and liquor with good food and real music to create a fun-charged environment for the whole family. Innovative entrepreneurs are bringing together those multi-disciplined arenas that capture a wide sense of fun encompassing all ages, genders and ability levels.

Smart businesses are combining a number of experiences to create an environment that has something for the whole family. Good food for mom, top shelf drinks for dad, electronic games for Bobby and wild, fun rides for Sally. Every town in America is now being changed by family fun options that include sit down restaurant food and drink options along with movies, sports games like bowling, golf, and mini-car racing, electronic fun including games, music, trivia challenges, and much, much more. Innovators are finding ways to create never before seen progressive sports challenges like trampoline parks and obstacles courses and turn them into a whole evening of fun for children, teens and adults alike.

However, these multi-disciplinary facilities do not come cheap. Whether you want to add a bar and a Walk-in-Refrigerator to your movie theater, or an electronic fun center to your existing restaurant, creating a multi-disciplined family entertainment center comes at a cost.

KLC Financial can help you afford to make that next great jump in family-friendly fun while still leaving you with all of your working capital and all of your available credit lines. Whether you need $500,000 to upgrade your kitchen or $5,000,000 to add amusement rides and electronic games to your family event center, KLC Financial can find you 100% financing with no down payment and monthly payments that can fit your budget. We can also create terms that let you claim both your monthly payments and the depreciation on the equipment on your taxes.

KLC can help you to make your family-fun center the most amazing option for families in your city. Contact us to see how we can help.

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