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KLC Customers: Out of Crisis Comes Creativity and Connection

The best part of our business is meeting and working with so many truly amazing companies doing their part to make a difference. We’ve all been affected by COVID-19 differently, and the ways companies have adapted and responded is nothing short of amazing. For some KLC customers customers, that pivot is bringing relief to front line workers and the communities we live in.

At KLC, we finance equipment, but we invest in people. We love talking about the great work our customers are doing. Read about three KLC customers who are definitely walking the walk when it comes to making a difference in their communities: Woodchuck USAMinnesota Ice, and Fractional Toys. 


Woodchuck: Making a Difference Now

Woodchuck USA manufactures and produces high quality wood products that customers can use in their everyday lives. When Covid-19 hit and medical supplies became a scarcity, Woodchuck USA Chairman and Founder Benjamin VandenWymelenberg couldn’t sit idly by. He saw news stories about medical professionals and front line workers treating patients without proper protective gear. Hearing of this scarcity let to an idea: convert daily manufacturing operations to creating face shields. He made some calls, leveraged his network, and created a distribution channel to get the shields into the right hands. Almost overnight they were up and running and have been producing 250,000 face shields per day, and created 450 new jobs in the process. Recently, Woodchuck Medical became a 3M Preferred Converter, a status reserved only for partners truly on the cutting edge of manufacturing and technology.

Woodchuck’s mission and core beliefs are to put nature back in people’s lives and make a difference now. It is clear to see they are making that difference! Check out this incredible video detailing their journey. Get in touch with Woodchuck to order USA made face shields.

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Minnesota Ice: Delivering More than Ice

Minnesota Ice is changing the way we look at ice and ice delivery. In the wake of many restaurants and bars shutting down, this Twin Cities company found a new way to help the industry. Partnering with other local businesses in the Twin Cities metro area, they created an e-commerce site to offer customers unique co-branded product bundles. The idea came when Eric Eastman, Director of Sales at Minnesota Ice, found himself without coffee during Shelter in Place (a concern we have all feared!). He reached out to a friend at local company (and KLC customer), Five Watt Coffee, who saved the day with their beans and cold brew. It sparked an idea: partner up other local businesses, offer unique product bundles to the public, and utilize their ice trucks to make the deliveries since they were still able to operate as an essential business.

The idea was met with such enthusiasm that there are now 18 businesses involved and over 40 products available! The options are unique and varied, from hot sauce to home made ice cream, cold brew to lasagna, and baked goods to bitters. There’s something for everyone! Best of all, it’s all from local restaurants and businesses that would otherwise likely face extreme financial hardships or closing altogether.

Experience amazing food and drink offerings, support local businesses, and stay safe during the pandemic!

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Fractional Toys: Giving Back to Those Who Keep Us Safe

Recreational and boat rental company Fractional Toys saw a dramatic slow down in their business due to the shelter in place order. With inventory sitting empty and unused on the lot, owner Rick B. wanted to find a way to help. He knew there were front line workers struggling with maintaining distance from their families to keep them safe. He also realized his unused inventory could help these families. Rick started lending camping trailers to front line workers as temporary housing, providing a spacious and comfortable place to stay that keeps their loved ones safe.

Fractional Toys are making a big difference for the people risking their lives to make our lives safer. Looking to experience the great outdoors this summer in a camper or boat? Give your business to Fractional Toys, a company that is really doing their part to help front line workers.

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