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POSTED: February 13, 2018 // BY: Debbie Waldron
Manufacturing Equipment Lease

For the better part of 30 years we have been bemoaning the loss of the U.S. Manufacturing Base. The best kept secret in the U.S. economy is that while the reduction in assembly line jobs continues, manufacturing is still the largest sector of our economy. The United States manufacturing sector adds $2 trillion to our economy annually. Output in the manufacturing sector of our nation has actually been on the increase in the past few decades and is currently at a thirty year high. The U.S. output is greater than that of the combined values of Japan, Germany, and South Korea, numbers 3, 4 and 5 in manufacturing in the world.

How is it, then, that the United States has been able to continue to grow our manufacturing base without an accompanying increase in jobs in the sector? Because no country can match us for the level of technology in bringing automation to the industry. Whether it’s baking, processing, assembly, or fabrication we have found advanced mechanized processes for all of it. The products made in the United States are made by the most advanced robots, and technologically innovative machines in the whole of the world.

For those who fear the rise of Chinese manufacturing, take a moment to look at what the two countries are making. Chinese manufacturing creates inexpensive household items or assembles parts made in other countries. Manufacturing in the United States produces commercial goods like airplanes, telecommunications, chemicals for home use and aerospace. It may be that the United States no longer makes our own toasters, but we make the rockets used by the whole world.

The days of assembly lines in Detroit and Milwaukee filled with workers mindlessly screwing the same nut to the same bolt for 8 hours a day are long gone by. Now, we have mechanized processes that can do the same work faster, more accurately, for longer hours, and with greater safety at a lower cost. We now have automated processes that take the place of unskilled laborers lined up along an assembly line for long, mind-numbing shifts.

These time-saving, costs-saving, human-capacity-saving mechanized systems can often have a high upfront cost. They may be super-fast, hyper-accurate, and long-running, able to turn out thousands of products every single day, but they are not cheap. Whether you need $500,000 or $5,000,000, KLC Financial can help you to afford these productivity marvels with 100% financing and no down payment. Let the increased productivity from the machine make your monthly payment for you without upsetting your working capital or using up all of your credit lines. We can even set up your deal so that you can declare both the monthly payments and the depreciation on you taxes.

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