KLC at the Monroe County Economic Development Conference

Lesley Farmer from the KLC Business Development department gave a speech at the Monroe County Economic Development Conference last month. Held at the Three Bears Resort in Warrens Wisconsin, this year’s conference was the largest in the organization’s history, with representatives from 23 counties in Wisconsin and 5 other states.

What is it?

This year’s event had speeches on topics as diverse as broadband technologies, digital marketing, workforce relations, cyber security, creating a plan of succession, energy savings, childcare, housing, PACE programs, Fort McCoy and Volk Field updates, WISE programs, and forecasts for the State’s Economy given by the Governor himself.

Why were we there?

Lesley was there to talk about what equipment leasing can do for your business. She informed a crowd of business leaders about the ways that equipment leasing can help businesses working in agriculture, ranching, healthcare, and the transportation industries to get the equipment they need to grow their businesses. Monroe, Wisconsin is typical of many midwestern counties with a combination of both smaller towns and rural communities. You don’t need a big city to build your company into an economic powerhouse, and Lesley was there to tell the assembled leaders how equipment leasing could help them with their plans for growth.

More info…

Equipment leasing through KLC can help business leaders get the loan terms they need to upgrade and expand their businesses or extend their company’s reach. Lesley told them how KLC can arrange terms that allow them to claim both their loan payments and the depreciation of their new equipment on their taxes. She told them about how KLC can arrange shorter term leases for equipment that you replace or upgrade often like computers and construction equipment. Lesley also shared about how equipment leasing can help them to upgrade old, worn, or obsolete equipment with new, upgraded technology. Best of all, she let them know how an equipment lease through KLC Financial will still leave their businesses with their working capital to pay employees and manage the bumps on the road to success.

If you would like to talk with Lesley or any of our KLC leasing agents about how equipment leasing could help grow your business, give us a call at KLC Financial.

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