what to expect in q4 2020

Business Lately From Our Chief Credit Officer: What to Expect In Q4 2020

We chatted briefly with our Chief Credit Officer to talk business lately, what we’re looking forward to, and what to expect in Q4 2020.


The construction industry is definitely booming. A large amount of our business lately centers around anything from road construction to builders to landscapers as well as commercial and residential. It’s all growing substantially! Companies are growing and increasing their fleet size. They’re adding crews or adding equipment for crews.

COVID Response

In response to COVID, businesses continue to support people working remotely, IT, hardware or software. There’s a large need for store furniture of sorts as public store fronts adapt and put partitions and ensure social distancing is followed. And lastly, transportation. It has always been a busy market for us, but specifically geared toward last mile delivery, which is in super high demand, mainly box trucks or any similar type.

Looking Forward to Q4

Overall, we are so grateful to our current partners that trust us to support them in all their equipment financing needs! Thank you! We’re having an outstanding year and we know Q4 will only continue to build on that success. For current customers we’re really looking at how we can support refinance needs to capitalize on the low rates. A little strike while the iron is hot mentality. Right? With rates being so low, now is a good time to wrap existing equipment in with new equipment and keep the payment the same. Refinance existing deals can help many businesses gear up for next season!

Count On Us, Q4 And Beyond

Looking into Q4 we anticipate continuing to plan and strategize for the future with our business partners, supporting our customers whenever and wherever they need it. Of course, we know as the dust settles after the election, things will still change so like everyone else we will wait and see. One thing we do know is that even with the uncertainty of the effects of the election, our commitment to our all our partners is unwavering. Until next time!

Shannon Smith, CLFP
Chief Credit Officer


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