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KLC Supports Workplace Innovation and Flexibility, in All Facets of Our Work

Innovate. Change. Pivot. These are all words that have been our everyday life since the pandemic began in March. Thankfully, the KLC team hasn’t experienced too much disruption since the KLC culture supported workplace innovation and flexibility, even before the pandemic. Why?

Workplace Innovation and Flexibility: Not Just Buzz Words at KLC

For multiple years KLC has supported working away from the office. We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to supporting our customers in whatever needs arise. That same flexibility also extends to our team members. KLC’s hardworking team goes the extra mile whenever and wherever our customers need it. Now, as school begins for many kids this fall, our KLC Team of parents uses this flexibility to support their kids in distance learning too. Although much easier said than done, KLC Team members are making the adjustment.

Walking the Walk

Taking this flexibility even one step further and practicing what we preach, KLC partnered with Bus Stop Mamas. Bus Stop Mamas is a local Minneapolis company connecting stay-at-home moms (dads too) with work that meets them where they are within the lifecycle of their child(ren), temporary, part-time or full-time. It’s an innovative approach that solves the need of filling more unique roles in many businesses. KLC strives to be innovative in every approach of the business, so partnering with Bus Stop Mamas was a win-win.

Marc Keepman and Spencer Thomas said of the innovative business: “Bus Stop Mamas is KLC’s go-to for exceptional talent. Bus Stop Mamas combines technology with human touch, providing simple and affordable access to an untapped talent pool of people. We’re committed to Bus Stop Mamas, because our business is in making lucrative investments–we’ve found a good one with Bus Stop Mamas, as the model supports business, family and community.” 

Newly hired part-time Marketing Manager for KLC Brianna Pyka added, “I was thrilled to find a part-time role that really was exactly what I needed; a flexible and rewarding position with a hardworking and people centered culture. The process was incredibly easy too.”

Is your business looking to hire additional temporary, contract, full time, or part time employees? Check out Bus Stop Mamas and get connected with their network of experienced and skilled parents. Let them know KLC sent you!

Looking to the Future

KLC is thankful to have great businesses like Bus Stop Mamas right in our own backyard, and look forward to our continued relationship. We extend this same gratitude to our exceptional customers, vendors and partners. KLC couldn’t do what we do without you! Our team looks forward to serving you with innovative and flexible interactions now and into the future. 

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