KLC Attends WWETT Show

Early this year, Allen Glynn from the KLC offices went to the Water and Wastewater Equipment Treatment and Transportation Expo held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana. The WWETT is the largest annual trade show for the wastewater and environmental services industries in the country. With 600 exhibitors and over 350,000 square feet of exhibits, they had informative programs, new technologies, and innovative solutions for moving water, treating wastewater, new portable sanitation technologies, and innovations for the sewer and plumbing businesses.

Jam Packed with Information
There was so much to learn, with demonstrations of the most advanced equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and the newest ideas for environmental services. There were a number of programs designed to provide credits for CEU and PDH accreditations, as well as association courses for NOWAR installer credits and PSAI training for Portable Sanitation Professionals. Beyond the technician accreditations, there were also courses for business strategy, marketing, and leadership classes for supervisors and administrators. There really was something to see and to learn for everyone working in the wastewater and environmental industries.

Valuable Demonstrations
The largest demonstrations were the Citizens Energy Group tour of DigIndy Tunnel. One of the largest infrastructure projects in the state’s history. The tunnel is 9 miles long with a bore diameter of 20 feet and is located 250 feet below the city of Indianapolis. When this project is finished in 2025 it will be 28 miles long and will be the solution to the city’s sewer overflow issues serving to protect the area’s waterways.

There was also a tour of the Secondary Treatment System at the Belmont Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant has a capacity of 300 million gallons per day and uses an air nitrification system to bring in sewage and return clean water to the city’s waterways.

Priceless Networking Opportunites
The weekend was an excellent networking opportunity with 600 different vendors showcasing their wares and thousands of representatives from environmental, wastewater, sewage, portable sanitation, and plumbing companies from across the nation in attendance. The show ended with an appreciation party featuring Scott Sharrard and the Brickyard Band, a selection of wonderful door prizes, and an IMAX showing of Black Panther.

At KLC Financial, it’s not enough for us to know about our industry. As a leader in capital leasing, we need to know about the industries we work with as well. If you are in the wastewater and environmental industries and you need an equipment lease to upgrade your company’s technologies, give KLC Financial a call.

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