KLConnect: A Workflow Portal from KLC

KLC Financial aims to exceed each of our partners’ needs on a regular basis. One of the common needs between all of the people and organizations we work with is accurate and timely communication. Fortunately, KLC has a tool called KLConnect that can help enhance the customer experience and provide much of the information our partners need, when and where they need it.

What is KLConnect?

For our partners who have signed up in the last year since KLConnect was created, they have access to significant updates and data regarding anything about their transactions. KLConnect is a web-based portal software that allows users to track real-time progress for individuals and teams all on the user’s own timeframe. This convenient, self-service application has revolutionized the business partner experience, allowing our clients to access key details of their data with KLC Financial. In addition to its overall simple and intuitive workflow visibility on both desktop and mobile, users can access their data and information when they need it.

Features of KLConnect

  • Real-time application tracking
  • Efficient reporting
  • Permission hierarchy capability
  • Specific and timely notification setup
  • Private label marketing

KLConnect’s users have a tremendous opportunity to access and track all applications and leads. If you haven’t signed up yet, contact Mary to sign up and get set up with KLConnect today!

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