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Software Financing Options from KLC Financial

Did you know KLC Financial can finance your cloud-based subscription software like Salesforce? Whether it is the subscription model taking over the way products look at home, like Netflix and Hulu, it hasn’t avoided the professional world as well. From Adobe Suite to Salesforce, these cloud-based subscription software platforms are often significant costs to keep your business running efficiently and to the standards that you are counted on meeting. The good news is, KLC Financial can help finance some of these large costs for your business with software financing options.

What Cloud-Based Subscription Software Does KLC Finance?

We can help with Salesforce licenses for the year, or Oracle cloud subscriptions among many other things as well. Our software financing options can work with the basics, too, like the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite to keep your business organized. When it comes to more specialized software needs, we can finance cloud-based subscription software platforms like Medical Practice Management Software, WIP Inventory Tracking Software and Manufacturing ERP Software Systems. If it is either a common need or an industry specialized system to keep your business running smoothly, we want to help provide that software financing option to make it work for your business.

How We Make Cloud-Based Subscription Software More Affordable

These large, up-front payments for some of these cloud-based subscription software payments can become very cumbersome. When it comes to Salesforce, once the yearly subscription value is more than $250,000, the company requires the year’s payment due in full before it begins. We want to help provide that software financing option, specifically being able to go across the length of the subscription. Often being year-long subscription commitments, we are prepared to partner with you for the length of the subscription. We are even able to start this funding within 1-2 months of getting started on the financing plan to get your needs met as soon as possible.

So, what does this type of partnership look like? Here are three examples:

  • One example recently comes from a private equity owned company that we partnered with to provide $350,000 over the course of 12 months for Salesforce licenses.
  • Another is a dental technology company that works with dental practices across the country to provide advanced and specialized technology services. We partnered with them to provide a lease line for software for $400,000 over an 18-month term.
  • An insurance agency needed a cash injection to better train its expanding agent base. With a sale-leaseback of their equipment, software and other personal assets, their business has grown more than 30 percent.

Depend on KLC Financial for Your Software Financing Options

Give your company the software boost it needs to make more money and meet technological standards. KLC works with businesses of all kinds and sizes to get them ahead in their industry. Are you interested in learning more about how KLC Financial can support you in your software financing needs? Please contact Spencer Thomas at

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