KLC Spencer Thomas

Alternative Lending Sources When the Bank Says No

Recently Spencer Thomas joined Shawn Gardner to discuss “Alternative lending sources when the bank says no.” The article covered the pros and cons of asset based lending, accounts receivable lending, and lease financing. The Vice President of SPECTRUM Commercial Services talked about asset based and accounts receivable lending, while our [...]

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Section 179

Good news! MN Matches Federal Section 179 

What is Section 179 expensing? Income tax laws generally require businesses to spread deductions of capital expenditures over the useful lives of the purchased property. Section 179 expensing takes its name from a section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). It allows businesses to deduct the entire cost of qualifying [...]

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managing economic uncertainty

Managing Economic Uncertainty Through a Crisis and Beyond

Recently, Turnaround Management Association held a webinar, “What is Going to Happen to My Favorite Restaurant,” to discuss the challenges restaurants face as a result of COVID-19. The webinar featured a ‘virtual’ panel of experts, including KLC Financial’s Lesley Farmer. Takeaways from the webinar included the general uncertainty in the [...]

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react to a crisis

In Times of Crisis, Your Response Matters 

Despite the most responsible planning, unexpected circumstances can pop up at any moment and disrupt the best laid plans. There’s no way to predict major catastrophes, natural disasters, or worldwide pandemics. And there’s no way to predict the impact they will have on your business and the worldwide economy. The [...]

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vendor financing

Are Rich Companies Interested in Vendor Financing?

There is a common misconception in this industry that we hear all the time: “Our customers have a lot of cash so they wouldn’t be interested in financing.” Or “Our products are not at the price point where customers would consider financing.” But the truth is, all companies, no matter [...]

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