Construction Equipment Financing

For just about any construction job, it is the equipment that makes the projects possible. It is the machinery that allows the workers to do their jobs well and in the most efficient way possible. When in need of new or used equipment, there are certainly construction equipment financing solutions available for all types of machinery. Whether the company needs one extra bulldozer or a whole fleet of vehicles, KLC Financial can create a specialty, custom solution that will fit the company’s budget.

Construction Equipment Financing Solutions

Sometimes the best solution for a business is to sell their assets to use the cash to pay off existing debt. Then lease the construction equipment to help increase their working capital. Liquidating may be the best financial decision for the health of a company at any given time. KLC Financial has made strategic partnerships with many equipment dealers and leasing companies to provide clients with the tools they need to keep the business running well.

Example #1

Leased a fleet of dump trucks to a well-established construction business: They needed to upgrade their equipment and leasing was the best option for them since they needed to keep the equipment off their balance sheet due to the existing covenants on their debt with another finance company.

Example #2

Leased a new skid loader and attachments to a home builder that is reestablishing its business: Our lease financing allowed the builder to save thousands of dollars that were being spent on equipment rental.

Example #3

Financed a new skid-steer to a demolition company: They are a start-up but have years of experience in the business. We were able to get them financing with a small down payment injection.