Transportation Finance

Are you an owner-operator, multi-tractor company, or heavy haul provider? We have worked with drivers looking to get out of the “company driver” gig as well as the 100+ tractor fleets. We work with individuals and companies to provide the best Transportation Finance solutions for tractor/trailer combinations across all areas of transportation.

Example – Transportation Finance

Company driver looking to work for himself: a company driver approached KLC Financial to provide financing for a used tractor and trailer to drive for his existing company as an owner-operator. KLC Financial was able to use his work experience to finance a tractor and trailer to allow him to start his own business and drive for himself.


Specialized heavy-haul logistics company: the company was able to secure cash-back financing for equipment internally manufactured for specific hauls to allow them to continue to manufacture additional trailers and grow the business. In addition to the internally manufactured trailers, KLC Financial was able to finance additional equipment which was custom fabricated for the company’s specific needs allowing them to become a premier supplier of logistic services in their niche line of business.


Gravel Hauling: The company wanted to add another dump truck to his business to increase his revenue potential. We leased him a used dump truck and he was able to get a driver to grow his business.