Woodworking Finance Solutions

The world of entrepreneurship allows people to be creative through designing their business based on their interests and ideas. When it comes to starting a wood product design, manufacturing, furniture, home goods, cabinetry, doors and trim business, the sky is really the limit for how creative you can be. You can have all the most unique ideas and a top-of-the-line design, but if you don’t have the financing to back it up you can’t move forward making your dream a reality. KLC Financial, based in MN, offers financing for entrepreneurs with strong business plans and established businesses that are looking for equipment upgrade or need a cash injection.

Woodworking Finance Solutions from KLC Financial

One of the most important essentials for woodworking businesses is the equipment needed to produce the product. The equipment often has large upfront costs, but it pays for itself over time and is necessary to make the quality products you want to produce. Without equipment, there is no potential profit. Even if you have the financial backing for the new building and the staffing needs, the financing for the equipment might not be in the allotted budget. This is where KLC Financial comes in.


A company wanted to start a new product line and needed new equipment to do the job. With an existing successful woodworking business to back up the company and strong guarantors, we were able to provide an equipment lease for the new product line.


A start-up woodworking business that was looking to finance its equipment; with their experience, a well-thought-out plan, and their ability to raise outside capital, KLC Financial was able to provide the financing. In addition, KLC Financial had the opportunity to work with the company (and their CPA firm) from the ground level to provide early guidance and aid in their natural growth to succeed outside of the home.