Robotics Equipment Financing

Robotics equipment is used across industries whether they’re needed for welding, assembly, construction, or any job that, for example, is repetitive or dangerous for humans to do. No matter the industry your business is in, or your reason for needing robotics equipment, it can be a very expensive investment. That’s why KLC Financial offers unique, custom financing solutions for new and used robotics equipment that will fit your business’ needs and budget.

Robotics Equipment Financing Solutions

Whether you’re a young business getting on its feet, a larger business that has debts to pay off, or anything in between, KLC Financial will help your business obtain robotics equipment through our strategic equipment dealer and leasing company partnerships. We’ll make sure you get the robotics equipment your business needs to get the job done right.


Financed a new gripper system for a client to improve speed and efficiency in the factory: We provided this client with the right financing option for their new equipment, with a down payment they could afford.


Leased new robotic parts for a more cost-efficient process within a small business: Our customized lease financing solution for this client saved them thousands of dollars and a significant amount of time.


Financed track motions to a start-up industrial parts company for enabling the same robot to serve multiple machines: Financing this equipment allows the client to maximize their production efficiency and pay off their equipment over time.