Restaurants Financial Solutions

The restaurant business is both cash and labor intensive. Competing in a changing market can be challenging.  The world of entrepreneurship allows people to be creative through designing their business based on their interests and ideas.  When it comes to starting a restaurant, coffee shop, creamery, brew house or anything else in relation to food, the sky is really the limit for how creative you can be.  You can have all of the most unique ideas and a top-of-the-line design, but if you don’t have the financing to back it up you can’t move forward making your dream a reality.  KLC Financial offers Restaurants Financial Solutions for entrepreneurs with strong business plans.

Our Restaurants Financial Solutions

Whether you are a small start-up or a well-established business desiring to franchise, KLC Financial is there to assist with financing.


A start-up restaurant with an existing, successful, restaurant to back up the company and strong guarantors, we were able to provide a kitchen equipment lease for the new business for $350,000.


We were able to provide restaurant financing for a start-up, non-franchise frozen yogurt shop.  The owners worked outside the business and secured a high traffic location, then moved on to looking for restaurant financing for their yogurt dispensing equipment, point-of-sale/software system and furniture/fixtures. By utilizing the outside income of the owners and a strong, well-thought-out business plan, KLC Financial was able to provide the financing needed to open the first store of a potential franchise.


A microbrewery was looking to upgrade its craft brew house; with their experience, a well-thought-out plan, KLC Financial was able to provide the financing. In addition, KLC Financial had the opportunity to work with the company – and their CPA firm to provide early guidance and aid in their natural growth.