Waste Management Finance

Growing waste management companies have diverse needs to help them realize their goals; whether it’s upgrading garbage trucks, purchasing new dumpsters or providing customers new waste bins. By KLC Financial creating a custom and creative financial solution for clients, allows them to grow and succeed. For example, business can easily get complicated when you have large equipment and assets involved. By refinancing all the business’ bills into one, lower monthly payment plan, the company can save money and simplify finances.

Waste Management Finance Solutions

KLC Financial designs Waste Management Finance solutions that can take all assets into account to help launch a business forward. This can free up cash flow, allowing for future company growth.


A five-year-old waste management company owned by two brothers had been hit hard with cash flow issues due to exponential growth over the past year. KLC Financial was able to secure equipment that they owned free and clear and get them the working capital that they needed to get the company back to profitable.


KLC Financial refinanced two excavators and cutting shears attachments for a metal recycling processor, which provided cash out to pay for major repairs on one of the excavators and a lease residual buy out of the other excavator. New financing was at a significantly lower monthly payment than previous financing, which freed up valuable cash flow enabling the client to expand his business.