excavator-585455_640Sell your assets and maintain the right to use them. Use the proceeds to pay off debt and increase your working capital. Make that equipment work for you! We can refinance your existing assets to free up cash, improve your liquidity and put that money to work for you.

  • Example – A Home Builder: Local home builder, $38,550. Leased a new skid loader and attachments to home builder that is reestablishing its business. Our lease financing allowed the builder to save thousands of dollars that were being spent on equipment rental.
  • Example – Crop Farmer: Leased a new skidsteer-track and mulcher for $78,939. The customer traded into the vendor for an upgrade. He has been in business for many years with tough credit. We were able to put together a financing package that worked with his budget.
  • Example – Demolition Company: skidsteer-wheel for $55,281. They are a start-up but have years of experience in the business. We were able to get them financing with a small down payment injection.


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